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Engaging Emcee

As your Master of Ceremonies, Jonathan’s skill as a professional speaker, humorous story teller, interviewer and facilitator ensures your conference objectives are met with just the right amount of humor and audience participation. I will send your audience home with powerful word of mouth momentum so they will rave about your conference for months to come! Therefore, ensuring that next year’s attendance will be higher than ever before!

Jonathan Becomes A Part of the Meeting Planner Team

A well run and successful event is dependent upon a combination of theme, logistics, agendas, introductions, timelines, consistency, energy and fun. From before the audience members arrive – the final applause and the doors pulled closed, you need everything to not just WORK – but EXCEED expectations.  As a business motivational speaker and experienced emcee – Jonathan Edison leaves nothing to chance.  With a hands-on approach, attention to detail and an engaging personality, he brings everything he has to each event to ensure it runs seamlessly and delivers the high-energy, laugh-while-they-learn, move-people-to-action message people need to thrive in today’s world.

Endless Options

When it comes to creating the perfect combination for your organization, audience, theme and message – turn to Jonathan’s experience as your next master of ceremonies to ensure your event is a show-stopper!  He will…

Set the tone for the entire event.

Having an empowering, energetic and content-infused opening to an event is key for setting the perfect tone. As an emcee, Jonathan often opens with humor, interaction and just the right take-aways to get your people fired up, motivated and eager to engage.

Be your go-to person throughout the event.

Jonathan puts his broad shoulders to work for his clients – letting them know from start to finish – he is there to take it all on.  Last minute glitches, over-exuberant panelists, speakers who run overtime and schedules that hang in the balance are all common event struggles that Jonathan deftly and effectively deals with so that you can rest-assured to have a stress-free, empowered event that will continue to return results from your time, efforts and investment long after the doors close.

Provide cohesiveness and consistency.

As an accomplished master of ceremonies, Jonathan focuses on creating a cohesive congruency throughout your entire event.  To do that, he follows up with each speaker to pull the key points that tie their performance back to your theme and agenda and then consistently paints that picture back for your audience.  This allows them to experience the connectivity of the whole message, stay on point and better adopt the action steps they’ll need for long-term success.

Provide engaging speaker introductions.

Each speaker deserves an energizing, high-powered and heartfelt passionate introduction that creates credibility and excitement about what the message they are about to deliver.  With great skill and enthusiasm, Jonathan captures the audience’s attention and sets the stage for each speaker’s success.

Pre-event speaker preparation.

To ensure you’re delivered a smooth, stress-free event, Jonathan provides powerful pre-event coaching with your panel of speakers and guests. He carefully integrates your theme, goals and vision to create a clear and consistent flow of content from start to finish. He professionally shares reminders on time limits and helps speakers prepare in ways that allow them to make the most of time, message and energy and help them to deliver the take-aways they need to create positive change long-term.  As an added bonus, Jonathan is available to help your guest speakers, presenters and senior management team members create more exciting, empowered and content-rich presentations if needed.

Moderate panel discussions.

Jonathan is a master at facilitating small-group discussions. His active listening and interviewing skills can turn an ordinary panel discussion into a lively, exciting exchange of ideas and solutions.

Help run auctions to help raise money.

Who doesn’t love a good auction? As a world-class “Motivator” and advocate for great causes around the world – Jonathan is a master at compelling people to give generously for your worthy cause.

Deliver a powerful, unforgettable send-off.

Whether your event is one day or week-long, Jonathan artfully ties your theme throughout and delivers a closing message that inspires, empowers and motivates audience members to adopt the new mindsets, strategies, solutions and skills they have learned and genuinely use them to create better lives for themselves and those around them both personally and professionally.

Ready for a Master of Ceremonies that can deliver life and career changing results to your entire audience?  Contact Jonathan today 1-972-755-4231 or info@jonathanedison.com

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