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Let’s Get Motivated

Lack of motivation and a non-existent internal drive can lead to employee inefficiency and low productivity-not to mention higher turnover rate. In this fast paced and demanding environment Jonathan provides the fundamental information that your team or staff needs to stay competitive in a fast-moving world Jonathan teaches audiences about the power of thought and the seven elements of internal energy—Belief, Imagination, Enthusiasm, Passion, Resourcefulness, Intuition and Service. This program is designed to uplift, inspire and light a FIRE!- Within those that need a boost!

Learning Objectives:

  • Belief: How to re-engage and establish belief systems that determine success in life.
  • Imagination: Understanding that imagination is at the heart of business success and how to inspire creative expression in your employees.
  • Enthusiasm: How create contagious enthusiasm within your group.
  • Passion: How to rekindle passion in the workplace by providing opportunities for internal and external growth.
  • Resourcefulness:  How to recognize and tap resources that lead to improved organization and the development of trusted quality systems.
  • Intuition: How to clear the ego blocks and doubt that silence our inner voice.
  • Service: How to deliver the best service in your personal and professional life.

Actionable Takeaways:

Attendees will leave the session with:

  • Proven strategies and techniques to reignite the core beliefs of your business or organization.
  • Skills for staying innovative and progressive.
  • New resources that will help you make the most out of who you are and obtain the results you desire.

Ready to EMPOWER, MOTIVATE and MOVE your team to ACTION? Contact Jonathan today 1-972-755-4231 or  about customizing this topic for YOUR bookjonathan@jonathanedison.com event!

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