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Transformational Leadership

How to Truly Inspire People

Many people often use the terms management and leadership interchangeably, but they are really two completely different concepts. Unlike management, leadership is a vocation rather than a position. While management can be assigned or chosen, leadership is something to which someone must be called.  Transformational Leadership is about getting people on board to support the company, the vision, the mission and the products.   Leadership speaker Jonathan Edison believes and teaches that real leadership is an “influence relationship” among leaders and followers who seek real changes and outcomes that reflect their shared purposes.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Transformational Leadership: Jonathan will facilitate a process where leaders can see and experience the benefits of being concerned with values, ethics, and long-term goals while focusing on growth and development. This action will ultimately lead to strong feelings of TRUST and high levels of employee engagement.
  • Communication: Jonathan will share how to use creative and effective communication that will re-energize and re-focus teams to execute strategic initiatives.  His communication style provides the leaders with the ability to turn anxiety into action through the power of words.
  • Inspire/Influence: Jonathan will present the principles of how a GREAT leader inspires others through vision, future expectations and big opportunities.  In addition he will show you how to engage the heart and the head of the team.

 Actionable Takeaways:

  • How to provide “new solutions” in times of change while intellectually stimulating and developing the followers as individuals that set the stage for innovation.
  • How to properly communicate the vision because leadership is not one size fits all.
  • How to share power, inspire action, and to encourage followers to think beyond themselves.

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“ Transformational Leadership is a great book for Front line Staff, Supervisors and Leaders because it serves as an AWESOME reminder on how to truly inspire and motivate the most valuable commodity of any business -It’s PEOPLE!”

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“One of the best books I’ve ever read”
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